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Lei Zhang
Herbert Rabin Distinguished Professor
Director, National Transportation Center
Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering
1173 Glenn Martin Hall
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
Tel: (301) 405-2881



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“Information is not Instruction…” (David Merrill 1997)

From my own teaching experience and observation of how various classes are taught in higher education, I have come to believe that the most effective and successful classes are the ones that have a good mixture of lectures and various exercises in and out of classrooms helping students organize and retain new information. These exercises could be in-class discussion, collaborative problem solving, case studies, field trips, and learning-by-doing projects. I believe active learning is important. Students have a limited capacity of retaining new information at a given amount of time. Information presented in lectures should not go from students’ ears directly to writing hands, leaving their minds untouched. It is thus the instructor’s responsibility to design and teach classes in such a way that students can engage in activities that reinforce the information presented. Besides teaching new knowledge to students, an instructor also has the responsibility to nurture students’ ability to appropriately structure course materials taught in a series of lectures to solve practical problems. In several classes, I have developed interactive learning tools that are also related to my research. The use of multimedia, technology, and various teaching methods has also proven to be successful in engaging students’ interests and encouraging them to critically think about course materials.


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