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Lei Zhang
Herbert Rabin Distinguished Professor
Director, National Transportation Center
Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering
1173 Glenn Martin Hall
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
Tel: (301) 405-2881


ENCE 677

Models for Transprotation Systems Analysis; (3 credits)

Description:  Fundamental skills and concepts of the quantitative techniques of operations research including: mathematical modeling, linear programming, integer programming, network optimization, heuristics, and basics of probabilistic modeling. Emphasis on the application of these techniques to problems arising in transportation.


The major topics will be selected from the following:

Operations Research Models
            Linear Programming
                        Simplex methods
                        Duality and sensitivity analysis
            Nonlinear Programming
                        Unconstrained and constrained optimization
                        Karush-Kuhn-Tucker conditions
                        Special cases: Quadratic, separable, and convex programming
                        Algorithm development and improving search
            Integer Programming
                        Branch and bound method
                        Binary integer programming
                        Mixed integer programming
            Network Optimization
                        The transportation and the assignment problem
                        Shortest path
                        Minimum spanning tree
                        Maximum flow
                        Minimum cost flow
                        Network Simplex method                  
                        Tabu search
                        Simulated annealing
                        Genetic algorithm
            Game Theory
                        Two-person zero-sum game
                        Mixed strategy game
                        Random number generation
                        Monte-Carlo simulation 

Applications in Transportation Systems Analysis
            User equilibrium
            System optimal
            Stochastic user equilibrium
            Frank-Wolf algorithm
            Dial’s algorithm

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